I help analytics teams and
business leaders
transform healthcare...

Consulting, capacity building, and tools for the

human side of data-driven healthcare.

I help healthcare analytics teams and
business leaders
realize their best work...

Consulting, capacity building, and tools for the human side of data-driven healthcare.

Welcome! You're in the right place if...

...you lead a healthcare analytics team and you want to:

  • Lay out a realistic plan for analytics that gets your customers agreeing on priorities and shouting "hallelujah!" instead of "huh?"
  • Enjoy a reputation as indispensable consultative partners
  • Evolve team roles and processes that bring out the brilliance, creativity, and productivity in your analysts and data scientists every day

...you lead clinical, care transformation, quality, or innovation initiatives and you want to:

  • Translate your vision into measurable outcomes with clarity and confidence...and earn the C-Suite buy-in you deserve
  • Empower your team with actionable analytics and the know-how to use data to drive continuous improvement
  • Use data to yield more patient/member benefit and ROI from your initiatives

Innovation & Adaptation

for Clinical and Business Transformation

Combine data, strategy, and design for a learn-fast culture


for Analytics Teams

Craft and communicate a pragmatic path to results


for the Organization

Get clear on possibilities and priorities. Sync up and advance your agenda

Hi! I'm Shelby Chartkoff.

I founded Fruition Analytics because far too many healthcare organizations still struggle to translate data into meaningful impact.

All the investments in IT infrastructure, vendor tools, and analytics staff don't automatically translate into new ways of thinking, breaking down problems, making decisions, or taking action.

That's where I come in.

I've spent more than 20 years as a researcher, evaluator, data scientist, leader of analytics teams, product and service designer, facilitator, and consultant in the healthcare space.

From these diverse experiences, I've distilled the mindsets and methods that make real progress possible. The result is a unique approach to supporting organizations through their analytics, innovation, and digital transformation journeys.

I invite you to learn more about Fruition Analytics and check out our Services and Workshop and Team Development offerings. And if you'd like to explore working together, I invite you to contact me or book a free strategy call to discuss your needs.

Shelby brought this very fresh, collaborative and consultative approach...She found a way to understand the problem from the inside out, empathize with our team and our work, and identify the real sources of our pain. She saw right through our situation and helped us zero in on practical approaches that yielded incredible insights.

vice president of innovation

National Care Provider