Help for the Human Side

of Data-Driven Healthcare

Meet your Data Therapist.

For over 20 years I've been cracking the tough problems where data and human systems meet. And let's face it: a focus on one without the other may be "interesting", but it won't move the needle.

I've worn many hats as a healthcare data strategist, data scientist, analytics leader, program evaluator, data mentor, trainer, and process consultant. I've been fortunate to enjoy a diverse career building and transforming analytics teams as well as optimizing clinical programs.

Along the way, I've discovered how to translate the complexities of impactful healthcare analytics into winnable steps. I know where to look for the breakdowns, zero in on the risks, and highlight the success factors that will make all the difference for your results.

What's more: My expertise isn't born of a few lucky strokes. I've earned my share of scratches and scars along the way! By sharing my hard-won knowledge, I want to shorten the path and lessen the pain for others.

If your organization has struggled to align analytics with action...

A: You're not alone.

And B: It's not surprising (because this is hard stuff!)

Yes, most of us can point to progress in making healthcare data more available and integrated. We can and should celebrate those wins.

But in my work, I've found that the "data issues" are only a part of the underlying challenge.

Becoming a truly data-centric organization calls for fundamental changes in how people work together within and across teams. It requires new ways of framing our thoughts and articulating our values. It means learning how to balance logic and intuition in the right amounts. And for a practice that might seem like it's all about cold numbers, there are a lot of very real human emotions involved—and that's not a bad thing!

Fruition Analytics strives to embed the skills, savvy, and practices for data-driven decision making and digital transformation within every healthcare organization.

There is no one-size fits all approach to this work. But through years of research and testing approaches, I've honed frameworks and consultative methods that consistently get results and delight clients. If that resonates, reach out!