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Data Strategy Meets Tactical Facilitation

It's hard to decide which is more painful...

...Fighting to make headway without support?

...Bringing in high-flying consultants who dose you with PowerPoint decks of "best practices"—but can't really dig in to find practical strategies tailored to where you are right now?

...Scrounging for a new FTE—and then praying you find that "unicorn" employee who can get up to speed fast enough?

...Discovering critical opportunities were blown by analysis paralysis or focusing on the wrong data?

...Or resigning to accept that maybe hitting your goals just won't happen.

What if you could bypass all of that?

Progress is precious in healthcare. Every quarter that slips by means lost impact on your patients or members. And it means lost chances at driving bottom-line results.

There's no magic wand. But there are ways to work through your sticking points with more clarity and greater agility and speed.

I've packaged modular services designed to be simple to start, easy to fit into your already-packed schedule, and focused on the fastest path to results.

There are 5 ways we can work together.

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Data Strategy Advisory Support

Nimble problem-solving, continuous progress, deep transformation

Advisory packages are designed to give you the support you need to ask the right questions, uncover issues, focus on the best next steps, execute more quickly, and build stronger capacity.

You'll multiply your efficiency as we take tricky problems, break them into doable components, and attack them head on.

Click on the section that matches your role to learn more about how this service can specifically help you.

Help for: analytics leaders

Help for: clinical/business leaders

Data Facilitation Intensives

Fast clarity and rapid concept development

Do you need to work through an idea, map out a strategy, solve an issue, clarify a process, define a business case or plan an intervention quickly?

Let's roll up our sleeves and get it done. Intensives are a great way to make rapid progress and move from inspiration to practical next steps and workable approach. 

Analytics Roadmap Rehab

Unwind the tangle and align current business priorities to analytics team realities

It happens at some point in every organization:

Maybe your analytics team is going through a leadership transition or major reorganization.

Maybe staff turnover has turned your best-laid plans into a big fat question mark.

Or maybe you've just suffered too long with an endless queue of requests, dissatisfied customers, and a dread of the endless, painful meetings to straighten it all out.

For whatever the reason, you know that you've got a mess—and possibly, a serious mismatch—between what your various customers have requested, what the real questions and current top priorities might be, and what your team can hope to serve up. Something's got to give.

It's tricky to do that on your own from inside the organization. It takes time to have those conversations with customers. It takes finesse to get understanding and buy-in for a new or narrowed agenda. It takes a multilevel communication plan to manage stakeholder expectations and reconcile the analytics team to the new priorities and timelines. And it takes a sharp eye for both detail and the big picture to pull everything back together. 

That's where a "Roadmap Rehab" can help. I'll work with you to:

  1. Analyze the existing plans and request backlog
  2. Identify key stakeholders and interview them or their delegates
  3. Crystallize true customer priorities through surveys and feedback loops
  4. Gather analytics team input to map capacity and craft a tactical plan
  5. Develop an organized roadmap and presentations to share back with your customers and executive stakeholders.

As a result, your stakeholders will experience an organized, empathetic, and respectful process. And you'll be able to start moving forward again.

Data Value Mapping and Gap Assessment

For clients leading care management, population health, value, or quality initiatives

This process is designed to help leaders articulate and frame their analytics needs, distill them into terms that bridge business and analytics mindsets, prioritize them, and prepare for conversations with executives and analytics stakeholders.

The rapid-cycle process includes:

  • Consultation and program review
  • Assessment of existing reports, analytics products, and underlying data model
  • Interviews and/or surveys of key stakeholders
  • Analysis of gaps and establishment of dependencies and priorities
  • Detailed roadmap document with summary recommendations

Deep Dives & Custom Engagements

Expertise and tailored support for healthcare products and services

Custom engagements are ideal for tackling challenging projects or innovations that your team simply doesn't have the capacity or expertise to complete on its own.

  • Deep-dive evaluations and assessments for key initiatives
  • New product development and turning underperforming products, programs, and services around
  • Optimizing patient/member-facing programs (clinical outcomes, ROI, process efficiency, and intervention targeting)
  • Vendor selection and tool optimization

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Shelby came up with practical, usable products that were understandable and reflected the actual problem we were facing. She uncovers the issues that need to be dealt with, that other so-called "strategic" consultants will not get to. She helped us address the structural organizational problems and the detailed analytical problems as part of the whole.

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